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  • General Residential Decluttering and Organization
  • Kitchen Organization
  • Playroom Decluttering and Organization
  • Home Office
  • Closet Optimization and Organization
  • Downsizing 
  • Unpacking
  • Ongoing Support For Your Organized Space
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  • General Corporate/Business Organizing
  • Time Management
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Workshops
  • Public Speaking


One of the most common questions I get is "how long does it take to organize my space?"  I have some time estimates posted below. Please keep in mind that time can vary depending on the amount of stuff,  size of space, decision making pace of client, how many other rooms get involved in the process, new product installation, and willingness to purge/declutter.  

That being said, here’s a rough estimate of what it takes to declutter a space, wipe down surfaces and put the items back in an organized way. 

The estimates below don't include new product installation and beautiful customized labels, time can up to double for that. 

Linen - 1.5-3hrs
Master - 6-12hrs
Kids - 2-6hrs
Utility - 1.5-4hrs
Guest - 3-8hrs
Gift - 2-6hrs

Pantry - 6-12hrs
Upper Cabinets - 6-8hrs
Lower Cabinets - 6-10hrs

Kids - 4-12hrs
Guest - 4-12hrs
Master - 6-18hrs
Hobby - 8-24hrs

Home Office:
Without Paper Organizing: 6-12hrs
With Paper Organizing: 12-48hrs+

Laundry Room:
Couple with no kids - 2-4hrs
Family with kids - 4-8hrs

Lots of big toys 4-12hrs
Lots of tiny toys 6-18hrs

1-Car: 6-12 hrs
2-Car: 10-24hrs
No Car (just full of stuff): 18-48+ hrs


Thank you to PO Holly Southerland of Waco Home Organizers for putting together this list!