Holiday Printables

I always have a hard time finding cute Hanukkah decor so I made my own! Click on image for the PNG or you can get the PDF  here .

I always have a hard time finding cute Hanukkah decor so I made my own! Click on image for the PNG or you can get the PDF here.

One of my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays is by swapping out seasonal printables in my existing frames. Here is one that I put together last year for Hanukkah.

If you want to hear some of of the ways I decorate for the holidays without too much clutter then check out my segment on Global News Morning.

Pantry & Fridge Labels

organized fridge

Is there anything better than having an organized kitchen?  Okay, well maybe learning you just won an all-inclusive, paid vacation to somewhere hot and tropical, but I really think that's about it.  Seriously though, the kitchen is one of the most satisfying areas to organize, for me and for my clients!  

We tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchens, both for eating and socializing.  So to be able to open up your pantry or your fridge and have everything in place in beautifully labelled bins is just such an awesome feeling.


I've been thinking  a lot about kitchen organization lately, specifically in the context of meal planning.  I am a huge advocate of meal planning, especially if you like saving time, spending less money and having less stress in your life!  For me, the process of meal planning starts with having an organized space where you can prepare these meals.  It can be so discouraging to start preparing a meal and then spend 20 minutes searching your pantry for that can of corn you swear you bought last week.

 I also know that when you have a beautiful space you are more motivated to maintain it.  Which is exactly why I have created these printable labels for your fridge and pantry.  I have been using similar labels in my own home for years now and they look just as good today as they did when I first started.  

pantry and fridge labels page 1

These labels are totally free and for you to use as you wish in your home.  All you need to do to get your hands on them is click here and you'll get an email with the link.  If you have already joined the Everything In Place community then go check your inbox, a link to the printable is there waiting for you!

These labels are super simple to print and apply.  

pantry and fridge labels page 2

You only need three things on hand at home to make this work for you. A printer (duh!), full sheet clear label paper (I recommend these two from Avery: find them here and here) and clear contact paper.  Just download the labels and print them out.  Make sure to verify which side of the label paper to print on!  After they are printed simply cut the label out that you want to use, peel off the backing and gently place it on the surface you want to label.  I would avoid rubbing it on, as depending on your printer the ink can sometimes smudge.  Cut out an appropriate sized of clear contact paper to place on top to protect the label.  You can skip the contact paper topcoat if you like but because these labels are meant for high use areas (and areas that you clean pretty often) I think that it's a good idea to have the contact paper on top.  It really ensures it's staying power.

I have provided labels for the most common categories that I have found for both my and my clients' homes but feel free to comment below or send me an email if there are some labels that you would like to see added.  


Again here are all of the links you need to get this project done:

Happy Kitchen Organizing Everyone!

Printable Labels


You guys! I am so excited to share this with you.  I have put together these fun little labels for you to print out at home (or at the office, shhhhh I won't tell!) to help you jumpstart your Spring Organization.


Just sign up for our e-mail list to get these exclusive free printable labels.  After you sign up you will receive an e-mail with a link to access them.

Once you get the email with the link it will take you right over to the printables.     After that all you need to do is print it and stick it on the bin you want to label.

These labels have proven to be invaluable when we need to find what we had put in storage months ago. Rather than going through every bin to figure out what is inside we can find the right bin super quick. This makes for an easy transition between winter and spring, different sizes of clothes for our kids and different decorations for different seasons.

In order to access these super fun printables sign up for our email list here. I find they work best if you print them on full sheet label paper, cut them out and stick them to the bin you are using. If you don't have full sheet label paper, no problem.  Simply print them on regular paper and then use clear packing tape on top of them to attach it to the bin. 

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Happy Organizing! 

Printable Gift Certificates

The perfect clutter-free gift for someone you love!

Just click on the image, print and customize it.