The Clutter-Free Way I Decorate For Spring

I just love Spring.  It’s all about new beginnings, exciting possibilities and fresh starts.  I also really love decorating for Spring. Unfortunately, I have an adverse reaction to unnecessary clutter. I don’t like buying new decor that fills up my storage when I’m not using it.  I’m sure you see how this could be a problem. Thankfully, over the years I have developed some solutions to this dilemma that allow me to freshen up my decor and still keep my home (relatively) clutter free.


spring mantle.JPG

Oh, how I love printables, let me count the ways. . . Seriously though, this is by far my favorite (and most cost-effective) way to change up the decor for each season or holiday. I comb through Pinterest for my favorite seasonal prints that will add that special touch to my mantle.  My frames stay the same throughout the year, I simply switch out the contents. Now of course you can buy prints to frame, but if you’re looking to save a few dollars there are tons of free printables available online. Simply search for the season or saying that you want and print them out.  Can’t get much easier than that! I also like to keep a folder of my prints handy so that I can just swap them out when the new season comes and don’t have to reprint every time. For the prints that I currently have up head over to my Pinterest board.



Versatile Pieces

I’m a multitasker by nature, so I like when my decor does double-duty too.  Try to choose pieces that can work for multiple seasons. Perhaps it's a neutral centerpiece on your table, or a beautiful bowl that can be filled with seasonally colored items.  Using consumables, like fresh apples, lemons or oranges (as in the image from Mumspiration Home) is a great way to add in some color without the clutter.  Another idea are these super cute wood words that I found a few years back. I keep the “Hello” part out almost year round and incorporate it into the rest of the decor.






Update Your Existing Decor

I recently got into a whole new crafting universe and bought myself a Cricut, which, if you’re not familiar, is a cutting machine that can  create beautiful custom labels, as well as many other fun projects.  I have found that adding a few well placed decals to the existing decor is a great way to add a little personality without adding more physical clutter to your home.  For instance, I’ve loved adding a few little details and lettering to some of the plant pots. You can even add a cute saying to your mirrors or windows!

Throw Pillow Covers

I’m actually not a big throw pillow person but I do see the appeal.  Mainly I stay away from them because my kids will just incorporate them into some fort that they are building and then they end up all over the floor and I have to wash them.  However, if you don’t have the same qualms then they are a great way to add some color and fun to a room. Another way to cut down on the clutter and expense here is to swap out pillow covers instead of the actual pillows.  Having just the covers means less stuff to store from season to season and if you want to get really clever you can fold up the ones that you’re not using and place them inside the current pillow cover!


Decorate Strategically

I find that it can really help to pick a few spots to decorate seasonally.  I really like to “feel it” as soon as I walk through the door so I tend to focus on the entrance and the first room people see as they come in. Perhaps you prefer the room you spend the most time in, like the kitchen, or family room. Do what works for you!  Even a few strategically placed seasonal tea towels can make a huge difference. Either way the goal here is to not get too decor crazy.








What are your favorite ways to decorate for Spring? Let me know in the comments!