Clutter Free Teacher Gift

While there is nothing that can actually thank my children's teachers for all that they do I hope that this small token at Christmastime will convey my appreciation.  

I made some yummy Chocolate-Gingerbread cookies  and put them in a festive cellophane gift bag or a cute mug.  I then wrote a Thank You note and stuck in a gift card for Starbucks.  If your fave teacher isn't a Starbucks fan you could substitute for any other gift card.  Walmart was my second choice since they are always buying school supplies out of pocket, but I have also used spa gift cards, because who couldn't use a pedicure this time of year?!?!?!

The Chocolate-Gingerbread cookies are my all-time favorite cookies to make & eat!  The recipe I use can be found here.  I deviate from the recipe slightly in that I use chocolate chips (pure laziness in that I don't want to chop the chocolate) and I don't roll them in sugar at the  end cause I find them sweet enough! 

Happy Baking!