Super Simple DIY Necklace Holder

A while back a friend asked me to come up with an inexpensive and pretty way to display jewelry.  I immediately had tons of ideas floating around my brain, just itching to come to life.  I decided to start with this easy DIY cork-board for necklaces.  It took less than 10 minutes and I managed to do this project while one of my kids was home sick.  If I can do it, you can too. . . here is what you need:


  • Cork board 
  • Fabric large enough to cover cork board plus a bit extra (make sure the material you choose is not too flimsy)
  • Staple gun & staples
  • Glue gun & glue
  • pretty push pins 
  • Fabric scissors



     The pictures below are pretty straight forward but here we go anyway:

Using fabric scissors cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover the cork board plus a couple of inches extra to wrap around.  I used some basic push pins to place my fabric and make sure the pattern was straight.  Make sure to pull the fabric taught.  I used a light duty staple gun to secure the fabric to the back of the board (safety first: always use protective eye wear and lock the gun when not in use).  

My cork board already had tabs to hang it up after so I made sure not to cover those.  I wish I could give you a neat little trick for dealing with the corners, but the truth is I suck at corners.  I just pulled, tugged and folded until they looked good.  Any bits of fabric I couldn't tame with the staple gun I tackled later with a hot glue gun.

Once I had stapled all around the board I used the glue gun to secure the ends of the fabric to the board.  This will prevent it from running and keep it flush against the board.  alternatively, you could probably sew the edges before you staple it, but I am useless with a needle & thread or a sewing machine.  The only way I do anything with fabric is pinning or gluing.  Then, once the glue was dry I flipped it over and put some decorative push pins in to hold the necklaces.  There you have it folks, a pretty, easy DIY necklace holder.